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This Privacy Statement applies to personal data processing by Steam House related to the use of Steam House Websites. Please note that the local Websites of Steam House group companies may include additional terms and conditions.

The privacy of users’ personal data is very important to Steam House, and we are committed to protecting the personal data we process. Steam House always complies with the applicable legislation on personal data protection. This Privacy Statement describes how personal data collected through the use of the Websites is processed by Steam House.

Processing of Personal Data

Steam House processes personal data that you provide through using the Websites.

This personal data may include, for instance, your name, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, website behaviour, or any other information that you choose to provide.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Steam House may process personal data provided by you through your use of the Websites for the following purposes: a) to communicate with the users that contact us via Websites; b) to ensure an efficient and secure use of the Websites; c) to further develop and improve the website by analysing the users’ behaviour and actions on the Websites; d) to be able to provide direct marketing; e) to be able to provide customized services and content to the users; e) to be able to fulfil Steam House’s legal obligations.

Your Rights Regarding Personal Data

Pursuant to the personal data legislation, you as a data subject are entitled to:

  • check the data collected on you and request the rectification or supplementation of incorrect or incomplete information by sending a written and signed request on the matter to Steam House, by visiting the Steam House Office, or by changing, supplementing or removing your data through the application;
  • forbid the use of your personal data for direct marketing or distance selling by contacting Steam House in writing or by phone, or by clicking the opt-out link provided at the end of each marketing e-mail from Steam House;
  • block the use of cookies or clear cookies from browser settings, or to clear your application ID from mobile device settings in a manner specified below;
  • lodge a complaint with the competent authority, if you consider that your personal data have been processed in violation of the valid personal data legislation.


Steam House may use cookies or similar techniques, such as mobile identifiers or web beacons, on the Websites, but never so as to jeopardise your privacy protection. These technologies are hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘cookies’.

By using the Websites, you accept that we may use cookies as specified below. By accepting the use of cookies, you will have access to all the functions on our website requiring the use of cookies. You have the opportunity to influence our use of cookies as specified below.

User preferences

We respect our users’ preferences concerning cookies and similar techniques. However, you should bear in mind that blocking cookies can affect the functionalities of our services.

  • Creating a new cookie profile: By clearing your browser regularly from cookies, you can change your unique identifier and clear the profile which was based on the old identifier.
  • Blocking cookies: You can block our cookies from your browser settings. Blocking the use of cookies may, however, affect the functionality of our services.
  • Targeting advertising on the basis of use of applications: You can change your unique identifier from your application and/or mobile device privacy settings and clear the profile which was based on the old identifier.
  • Blocking the use of Google Analytics: You can prevent the use of your data on our website by Google Analytics by installing to your browser an extension preventing the use from here. This extension prevents Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js) used on the website from sending information about your visits to Google Analytics.
  • Social media cookies: Social media service providers use cookies and various plugins and buttons to collect data from our services. The purpose and scope concerning the collection of data by these service providers, how they use the data and what are the related rights, and how their privacy settings can be changes are specified in the privacy statements of those service providers.
  • Steam House may use cookies and similar techniques to collect data on how and when people use our services. Such data may include, for example, from which website the user has come to the service, when and which content the user has viewed or clicked on the Websites, what is the user’s browser type, display resolution, operating system and its version, etc.
  • Techniques typically used on Steam House Websites include the following:
  • Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s device. Each cookie contains an anonymous unique identifier, which enables us to recognise the users and count the unique visitors on our websites. Cookies do not travel around the Internet by themselves; they can only be placed on the user’s device through a website requested by the user. Only the server which has sent the cookie can later read and use the cookie.
  • JavaScript is a programming language which can be used for implementing interactive functionalities on websites or collecting data of the website users.
  • Local storage technologies, such as local shared objects (Flash cookies) and HTML5 local storage, are similar to cookies. They can be stored on the user’s device to record details about certain activities or settings.
  • Web beacons: Our websites also use techniques referred to as web beacons or pixel tags. These enable transferring data from the user’s device to our server. Web beacons can be embedded into a website or email content. They enable our server to read certain data on the user’s device, determine when the user has viewed certain contents or a certain email, specify the date and time when the user has viewed the web beacon, and determine the IP address of the user’s device.
  • Mobile identifiers: Our mobile applications include unique identifiers, which enable us to identify the user’s device when the user returns to the application or otherwise uses the service.
  • Server logs: When the user enters our online service, the data sent by the user’s browser are automatically stored on our server. A log file usually contains data of the user’s IP address, browser type and language preferences, visiting time, size of the browser window, and cookies for browser identification.

Please note that it is not possible to identify the user based on cookies alone, and the service cannot know, for example, the user’s name or email address, unless the user has specifically provided them for the service. If the user is registered as a user of our digital service such as the Oma Steam House application, we can combine observed data of the user’s service use to the personal data provided to us by the user.

Third-party cookies and social plugins on Steam House’s services

First-party cookies are cookies placed on the user’s device by the website displayed in the address bar. In addition to first-party cookies, our services may include third-party cookies of advertising networks, providers of analytics and monitoring services, social media services, etc.

We use tools such as Google Analytics to monitor the use of our services. Data stored in cookies used by Google tools (such as IP addresses) can also be sent to Google servers around the world for storing. Due to this, these data may be processed on servers located outside the user’s country of residence. Google uses this data to analyse how users browse website contents and to compile summary reports on the use of websites. Google also prepares reports on the use of services offered in connection with websites and produces statistics on the use of the Internet. Google can also use the data to customise the content of advertisements shown to users based on their previous browsing history. Furthermore, Google may disclose the data to third parties if required so by law, or if Google has commissioned a third party to process the data. Google does not link user IP addresses to any other data stored by Google.

Our services may also include social plugins, such as the Facebook Like button or the Twitter Like and Share buttons. Although such social plugin buttons may be visible on our services, the related content comes directly from the service provider in question. Social plugins on our service recognise if the user has logged into the service in question and can then display customised content for the user in the social plugin on the website. Social media services using social plugins can collect data about the user’s visit in accordance with their valid privacy policies. The services in question do not disclose the data they collect to Steam House unless the user has provided their explicit consent to do so.

Cookies on third-party websites

In addition to using cookies on our own websites, we also use cookies on third-party websites to provide targeted advertising to users. These cookies are used to target our advertisements on the basis of a user’s previous browsing history and other factors, and to focus our advertising on the browsers whose users are most likely interested in them. This enables providing more interesting advertising content to users. We can also utilise behavioural data collected through third-party websites in the targeting of advertisements.

Purpose of using cookies

We use cookies for a number of reasons. For example, we use them to improve our products and services, to show contents that match a user’s interests, and to ensure the security of our services. How we refer to cookies and similar techniques may change when we enhance or update our services, but in general, these techniques are classified as follows:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential to use the services and their functionalities. For example, if the user compares two products on our site or adds a product to the shopping cart, we use a cookie which can remember which products the user has compared or added to the cart.
  • Cookies enhancing user experience: These cookies are used for internal purposes so that we can provide our users with better user experience on our websites. The data we collect tells us how people are using our websites.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies are used to remember user preferences such as user ID, language or region so that we can provide the user with customised services.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies store information about the user’s visits on our website, pages viewed by the user and links clicked by the user. They are used, for example, to ensure that advertisements shown to the user match the user’s interests as well as possible. Advertising cookies also enable us to show advertisements of our products to the user when they visit other websites. They can also be used to limit the displays of a certain advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Furthermore, they can be used to track how the user moves between our different websites.
  • Social media cookies: Social media services use social media cookies to recognise the user so that they the user can, for example, share articles in the service by pressing a button. These cookies can also be used to target advertising.

Cookies’ expiration time

We use session cookies, which expire once the user closes the browser. In addition, we also use persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s device for a specified period of time or until the user removes them. The expiration time of persistent cookies ranges from a few months to a few years.

Data protection and data security on the Internet and on mobile applications

Please note that whenever you use the Internet, you are using an open data network. We cannot guarantee the privacy of information located in an open data network. We recommend that you use your SSL-encrypted connection.

Please note that, in addition to Steam House’s Privacy Statement, the terms and conditions of the relevant service provider are also applied to Steam House mobile application available, for example, from Google Play.

Updating the Privacy Statement

Steam House reserves the right to update this Privacy Statement, as Steam House regularly needs to develop its business processes and related policies, and also to follow up and comply with the changing personal data protection legislation.